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Italy Pompeii Virtual Tour with a Local Guide

Quick Details

Attendee Ages 12+
Private Group Up to 20 people

Interactive Virtual Tour


Hi, my name is Giuliano, I was born in Pompeii, Italy and now live in Brazil. When I introduce myself to new friends, they are always surprised that I’m from the city of Pompeii, the city that was destroyed and covered by the ashes of the Vesuvius in the 79 DC.

My father is a photographer of archaeological and my mother worked in the ruins for 30 years. I have extremely the privileged access to the excavations and its incredible heritage! When I was still a child, the ruins were my playground! When I grew up, I had the chance of living and working in Naples. I enjoyed bringing the tourists to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.

In this virtual tour, I want to give a lot of my insights about Pompeii and Italy. Prepare yourself an informative and fun visit to Pompeii and Naples via Zoom!

Enroll and discover Pompeii with me.

This online experience is designed for individuals, couples, families, or student groups who want to explore and connect. Let me know if you need a private experience for groups.

New York/Toronto Eastern Time

How to participate
This experience will be hosted online. Use this link to join through a web browser or the Zoom mobile app. You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.