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Wuhan, an Insider Story – Virtual Tour

Wuhan Virtual Tour

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Private Group Up to 10 people

Interactive Virtual Tour


Wuhan is a megacity at the heart of China with a population almost equaling that of Belgium.

What is the city famous for? Why is the city special? How does it feel to live day to day life there? What has it been like before, during and post COVID-19?

At a time of turbulence and uncertainty, let us take a pause to hear some real stories from Sunny. This event includes 3 parts:

Wuhan Trivia: fun trivia questions about the city
Wuhan Stories: real stories and photos shared by her family and friends of real Wuhan lifestyles
Wuhan Food: Sunny will share the food vlog that she made for you.

Sunny, the founder of, the daughter of an entrepreneurial Chinese tailor, Sunny was born and bred in Wuhan. Currently living in Quebec, Canada, she is a tour guide and photographer.


This online experience is designed for individuals, couples, families, or student groups who want to explore and connect. Let me know if you need a private experience for groups.

How to participate
This experience will be hosted online. Use this link to join through a web browser or the Zoom mobile app. You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.

I loved Sunny’s Wuhan virtual tour from beginning to end. I stayed in Wuhan for a few days during a trip with my husband to see China but I always felt we were just scratching a surface. Being with Sunny to hear the childhood there, her entrepreneurial mom story, and how she celebrated Chinese New Year with her family, was so heart-warming that it nearly brought tears to my face. She showed us the city, the food, the lifestyle, and ordinary people’s stories. Sunny really has a vivid way to engage the audience and tell interesting cultural stories. We were so encaptured by her narrative that nobody wanted to leave this very special online experience.
Sunny didn’t just share a Chinese city, her home city. She shared human empathy and love for one’s family and friends, an emotion that is beyond borders. I strongly recommend this experience which really transformed us in its own way during that special hour.
__ Minji, UK