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My Road Trip to Charlevoix – La Grande Ferme – Hidden Gem in Ste Anne de Beauprè

Last Friday, we left home around noon and decided to visit the Charlevoix area.

We re-discovered Ste Anne de Beaupré, Baie St Paul and Île aux Coudres.

In this blog, I will share with you a hidden gem in Ste Anne area – La Grand Ferme.

@Photo Credit – SunnyTourGuide

a herd of cattle grazing on a lush green field

St Lawrence on the right hand, Mont Ste Anne on the left hand.

My Road Trip to Ottawa – Chute de Plaisance, Chemin du Roy, Neuville, Parc Oméga

Hi guys! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Our mother-daughter road trip is ending today! 👩‍👧One week of happiness. I will share my favourite hidden gems during my driving in this blog.

Start point: Ottawa/Gatineau

1, La Chute de Plaisance

2, Parc Oméga

3, Traversier Le Passeur

4, Chemin du Roy

Destination: Quebec City

a person standing next to a body of water

The Best Brunch in Old Quebec (Beyond Croissants and Café)

If you think breakfast in Old Quebec is just a croissant and a café au lait, think again.

Whether you want a filling meal before a day of sightseeing, a beautiful spread to post to your Instagram, or just appreciate the ability to linger over breakfast favourites, I will show you one of the best spots to try the new kind of breakfast sweeping Quénecois palates.

The BEST Picnic Spot in Quebec City – Only the local knows

Ok, let’s admit that this year, we travel differently. We want to see people, the city, but we want to stay close to nature.

PICNIC will be a perfect idea when we road trip. Luckily, in Quebec City, we have countless picnic spots in the city and not far from the city. They are free, they offer vast of space and gorgeous view.

Today, I will introduce you to my favourite picnic spot in Quebec City. Only 20 mins from the Old Town.

a group of people on a beach

How is Old Quebec during Covid-19 Outbreak?

Today is Canada Day. July 1st already! Yesterday, I took my camera and walked around Old Quebec. Comparing with last month, the tourists have started showing on the narrow streets. The shops are open, the restaurants are starting to allow dining and take out. a bench in front of...
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