The BEST Picnic Spot in Quebec City – Only the local knows

Ok, let’s admit that this year, we travel differently. We want to see people, the city, but we want to stay close to nature.

PICNIC will be a perfect idea when we road trip. Luckily, in Quebec City, we have countless picnic spots in the city and not far from the city. They are free, they offer vast of space and gorgeous view.

Today, I will introduce you to my favourite picnic spot in Quebec City. Only 20 mins from the Old Town.

a group of people on a beach

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Today is Canada Day. July 1st already! Yesterday, I took my camera and walked around Old Quebec. Comparing with last month, the tourists have started showing on the narrow streets. The shops are open, the restaurants are starting to allow dining and take out. a bench in front of a...
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Started off with a coffee and croissant at La Maison Smith in Place Royal.

From there we walked to the entrance of the Musée de la civilisation, where we met Sunny, our walking tour guide. She took us through Old Quebec and gave us a thorough understanding of the rich history of Quebec City and Canada. We stopped to taste fudge and maple butter at local shops. She gave us her unique perspective as an immigrant to Canada, learning French from scratch, and raising her French Canadian/Chinese daughter in Quebec. We enjoyed the tour immensely and saw many places of interest we would not have known of otherwise.