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About Us

Bienvenue à Québec!

I am Sunny, an international citizen who lives in Quebec City since 2011. I grew up in a Chinese traditional clothes shop in the centre of China, the daughter of tailor and entrepreneur.

As a certified trilingual tour guide, travel addict and Canadian history & culture obsessive, my goal is to take you on a sensory adventure through the rich history and unique culture of Quebec City.

What to expect?

My tours combine local knowledge with a foreigner’s curiosity and point of view. Because sometimes the things that are obvious from a Québecois perspective are NOT AT ALL obvious to those of us who lack the same context. (this description is very interesting but personnel to you... how does this apply in respect of the guides you employ? and what the client will get as tour???)

We want to give people tools to bridge that gap, not just by having fun for a few hours on a tour (though we do that!), but through learning about the culture, values, history and food – everything that contributes to the wonderful experience that we hear in our ears and see through eyes during the tour.


We add the transmitter and headphone system to let you catch every word of the guide during the tour.

yellow towel

A neck warmer with a unique design will be given to each guest as a souvenir.