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The Best Brunch in Old Quebec (Beyond Croissants and Café)

If you think breakfast in Old Quebec is just a croissant and a café au lait, think again.

Whether you want a filling meal before a day of sightseeing, a beautiful spread to post to your Instagram, or just appreciate the ability to linger over breakfast favourites, I will show you one of the best spots to try the new kind of breakfast sweeping Quénecois palates.

July 12th 2020, a Sunday morning, I brought my family to explore the four service brunch experience in a local boutique – museum hotel – Auberge St Antoine. This is right after Auberge St Antoine has ranked the 5th place of the Top 10 Canada City Hotels by Travel + Leisure World Travel Awards.

Due to the current situation, their restaurant Chez Muffy is not fully operated. The number of the table is reduced for keeping the social distance. No more buffet, the waiter and waitress will bring the food to us. Even like this, the restaurant is still remaining warming and chic décor. You feel welcomed.

Let’s dive into the food!

Our lovely waitress recommended us starting the brunch by the charcuterie and cheese plate. But when I saw the oyster was on the brunch menu, I ordered four oysters right away. The raw oyster with the onion vinaigrette sauce is just perfect for me.

The red dot on the cheese plate is homemade raspberry jam. And the cheese is from the local farm. A great start.

The next service is the seafood and salad, cold dish plate.

I love every dish. To be honest, when I saw all these freshness on the brunch table. I couldn’t be happier.

The salmon was excellent. The moza + tomato salad was so fresh. And the potato salad, it was surprised delicious.

a pan of food on a plate

The third service is hot dish plate. We ordered beef and quail with roasted veggies. And the roasted beef became my daughter’s favourite dish before she got her desert.

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Well, as the picture shows, she couldn’t wait for the strawberry tart. The brioche is my husband’s favourite.

A great gastronomic experience, full of Quebec local ingredients and cooking skills. And we were so full.

Oh, before we left, the staff gave my girl a teddy bear as a souvenir.

a little girl eating a hot dog

Price: 40$ cad per person

Every Sunday 10 am – 13 pm

The reason for recommendation: a great way to explore Quebec local gastronomic in a historical boutique-museum 4-star hotel.