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The BEST Picnic Spot in Quebec City – Only the local knows

Ok, let’s admit that this year, we travel differently. We want to see people, the city, but we want to stay close to nature.

PICNIC will be a perfect idea when we road trip. Luckily, in Quebec City, we have countless picnic spots in the city and not far from the city. They are free, they offer vast of space and gorgeous view.

Today, I will introduce you to my favourite picnic spot in Quebec City. Only 20 mins from the Old Town.

a group of people on a beach

Plage Jacque Cartier 

3636 Chemin du Pavillon, Québec, QC G1Y 1W3

On Google, it says ” This green space on the St. Lawrence River offers bird-watching, picnicking, hiking & snow-shoeing.”

But it offers more than that. Yesterday, I went there with a group of Yogis. Such a wonderful day with the breeze from St Lawrence River.

a group of people sitting on a bench

a woman sitting on a bench a person standing on a golf course

After the yoga, we went for the after yoga photoshoot on the beach. Harsh sunlight, we chose the rocks and we stepped our feet into the water, we enjoyed it.

a woman smiling next to a body of water

a woman standing next to a body of water

a person standing on a beach near a body of water

Finally, a picnic under the shade. Humm.. or relax on the yoga mat and watching the sails on the river, and the kids playing in the river.

A great day.

So see you in Quebec then.

* All the photos are taken by me @sunny_photographe. Rights are reserved.

a group of people in a forest

a group of people in a body of water with trees in the background

a large body of water